Toilet Twinning

In December 2020, we twinned the three toilets at St Mary’s with latrines in Uganda. Next time you visit one, look out for the photo of its twin!

What is this all about?

We take a toilet for granted. But there are two billion people in the world who don’t have somewhere safe or hygienic to go to the toilet. By donating £60 for each of our toilets, ours are officially twinned, which means that our money is helping to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene education in poor countries. is run by Tearfund, the well-known Christian relief agency. Its strap line is “Toilets, taps and training – a life-saving trio”. They work in many countries, from Afghanistan to Zambia.

You can twin your own toilet at home. Visit, donate £60 and receive a certificate marking your donation.

This video tells you more:

“Help to flush away poverty, one toilet at a time!”

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